Limited Edition Fashion

Mass market is ordinary, we choose to celebrate individuality!

We limit our production to an average of 50 pieces per style, and every one is created with care and attention by our own hands here in Greenmount Mill, in the Dublin suburb of Harolds Cross, a building with 150 years of fashion production heritage.

MAKE & TAILOR – avoid average.

Irish Designed & Made

You don’t need to make a serious investment to wear irish made fashion.
You don’t need to wear an Aran sweater to support Irish fashion design and heritage.
You just need to shop with a conscientious mind, and be aware of the implications of your purchase decisions. As a consumer, its the greatest power you possess.

MAKE & TAILOR – from sketch to shop floor in 2 miles and 2 days

On Trend & Affordable

Our Autumn Winter 2013 Collection recently previewed to an enthusiastic reception at Showcase Ireland 2013 in the RDS Dublin.
Our tweed shorts dressed nearly every look and our signature tuxedo pants and jacket proved very popular – as you can see from the coverage provided by our national newspapers.

MAKE & TAILOR – leading by example

Superior fits & sizes:

We make for real people – the ‘fashion size 10’ is a convenient fiction that looks great in catwalk pictures, but isn’t always so relevant in practice.

We provide critical measurements for each garment, so you can know in advance whether our Ready-to-Wear collection will fit your body shape- or if you need to consider a Made to Measure alternative. Thats the Make & Tailor advantage – our local production offers you a custom wardrobe at an affordable price.

MAKE & TAILOR – real fits for real people.

Ethics & Philosophy

We are a force for good. We support you, our fellow citizen:

  • by keeping our production in Ireland
  • by purchasing our supplies from Irish distributors
  • by choosing to pay well above the minimum wage
  • by using Irish woven fabric when available
  • by recycling over 90% of our waste
MAKE & TAILOR – clothing you can believe in

Quality Finishing

Quality cant be rushed – we make our garments with care and attention.

You won’t find automated production lines in Greenmount Mill, we still cut fabric by hand and have a healthy respect for the traditions of our fashion production heritage. There are no children or cheap foreign labour exploited in making our garments, all our machinists have a minimum of 20 years sewing experience and work within a safe and comfortable environment.

MAKE & TAILOR – Disposable fashion is not in our nature.